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Wuxi huace new bus batch service wenzhou

Wuxi Huace Automobile Co., Ltd.  2017-05-24 13:56:47 Author:SystemMaster
Recently, the first batch of more than 20 dynamic, colorful huaxin bus has been off the line, the vast and heroic heading to wenzhou. This batch of passenger cars is wuxi huace automobile co., LTD. For wenzhou yueqing furong transport company elaborate passenger transport new product.

HM6605LFD5J type passenger cars, is co-sponsored by the company carefully introduce new products in 2017, the vehicle design fully consider the product performance advantages, solemn warm appearance, complete vehicle simulation analysis and calculation, outer Mongolia stamping forming, 3 d cold bending forming, torque tube vehicle electrophoresis, exquisite interiors and etc all incisively and vividly embodies the quality of the product. Equipped with yuchai, weichai and other domestic mature powertrain, strong horsepower, low fuel consumption, lower operating costs, can be said to be an excellent quality, widely applicable to urban and rural passenger transport, tourism market operation tool, once launched to win the customer's praise. Yueqing furong transport company made a special trip to huace company for a detailed investigation, after comprehensive evaluation, the final selection of this bus, the new bus is considered to meet the needs of furong transport company.

Policy in 2017, wuxi China automobile co., LTD., adjust product structure, improve huaxin brand, with "new energy, clean energy, the school bus, highway passenger cars, urban and rural public transport, car" in terms of product layout, direction, new energy, intelligent as traditional strengths such as the school bus, highway passenger transport, comprehensively promotes the market demand of specialization, refinement, huaxin of high-end products.
Recently, the company has received a number of bulk orders for natural gas buses. It is believed that more and more passenger transport enterprises will choose huaxin brand in the process of pursuing product quality, convenient service and high cost performance.
"Good wind by force, send me on the qingyun", huace company will be adhering to the "provide customers with quality products and services" business purpose, in the market to win benefits, win customers, win development!

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