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Huaxin HM6720 series natural gas bus batch delivery anhui liuan bus

Wuxi Huace Automobile Co., Ltd.  2017-06-08 13:59:54 Author:SystemMaster
Since this year, in order to improve the level of urban public transport services, to meet the needs of the public travel, lu 'an vigorously promote the investment in buses. Huaxin bus with professional advantages in the field of urban bus, once again won the favor of shunmin bus co., LTD.

The docile subjects bus co., LTD order HM6720 series lead gas bus, wuxi is co-sponsored by automobile co., LTD., launched in 2016 new product, this series of models is based on the series of half head pour to build a satisfy regional, urban and rural integration of large and medium-sized city road, community/sightseeing, operating rail feeder, and other products.

HM6720 series NG gas bus has obvious advantages:
● safety: load-bearing structure, stamping forming body, using half head structure, finite element analysis and design, complete vehicle electrophoresis, safety performance and school bus comparable;
● energy saving: semi-long head, large inclination front frame structure, reduce the driving resistance, combined with lightweight body, in the energy saving effect is significant;
Environmental protection: external engine compartment design, good temperature insulation and noise reduction effect, clean and fresh compartment environment;
● comfortable: big view, big space, independent passenger area, luxury interior, warm and homely;
● convenient maintenance: engine door, great convenience power system daily maintenance and inspection.
● huaxin products in NG natural gas supply system, equipped with overflow protection valve, in the abnormal gas system, can cut off the gas supply pipeline; Manual high-pressure globe valve is set, and the globe valve can be closed manually in the state of long shutdown. Set the high-pressure solenoid valve, only in the vehicle starting state, can connect to the gas supply to the engine; Equipped with a gas leakage detector, a leakage detector probe is set at the attachment of each joint of the gas system, and the gas circuit is cut off and an alarm is given in the first time when the gas leakage occurs. The unloading port of the gas system is set, and the K2 unloading valve is used to operate the gas on and off of the gas pipeline, so as to eliminate the phenomenon of pressure disassembly and maintenance by maintenance personnel and ensure the convenience and safety of maintenance.

At present, huaxin HM6720 series NG gas city bus is deeply loved by customers in anhui, sichuan, shaanxi, zhejiang and other places. With the vigorous promotion of this product in the whole country, combined with its economic, safe and efficient operation plan, it will become the first choice of more regional public transport companies.

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