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Chinese bus production enterprises, according to the statistics of authoritative departments, there are more than 100, among which the bus brands we are familiar with may only have more than 20, from many fields, each lead the trend. Every successful enterprise must have its own foundation.
Policy automobile co., LTD., wuxi China passenger cars in China in the process of evolution, does not show hill not roric, from a light coach builder, to do the light bus, and stronger, to the school bus to do fine, do big, to new energy, special automobile research and development, listing, hidden but always let a person feel the weight of its existence, wuxi co-sponsored by car through continuous research and development, the temper process, tapping on quality improvement, expand product spectrum, niche market, has a good bus and coach enterprises with core competitiveness in the science of uniting the background, formation has a certain influence of huaxin car brand.

Wuxi co-sponsored by automobile co., LTD., its predecessor is a collection of passenger car research and development, manufacturing, sales, focus on China's passenger car industry for nearly 20 years of private enterprises, in 2010, the assets reorganization of haimen bus, on large and medium-sized passenger car, bus, clean energy vehicles, new energy bus, special projects, build huaxin automobile brand, has from a new face of a passenger car industry development to become one of the most complete product line of passenger car manufacturers in China, has nearly more than 20 products.
● new energy bus

Company from 2012 began the research and development of new energy vehicles, after years of technology accumulation, especially in such aspects as the vehicle control, product lightweight design has a number of research results, with a number of core technologies of national patents, in recent years, HuaXinXin energy products in the market operation, feedback effect is good, won the majority of customers love and recognition!
At present, the company developed a series of products HM6806CRBEV new energy city bus, this model has been applied for the ministry of industry and information technology 294 batch of announcement, has been included in the 2017 new energy vehicle promotion and application promotion model list the third batch, has been included in the new energy vehicle purchase tax exemption tenth batch of models "directory". In the process of marketing, many customers have been well received.
● special school bus

Huace company has been producing school buses for many years. Its school buses for primary school students/children are safe, reliable and cost-effective. The products are all over the country and have been favored by the majority of users. In 2016, the company's products for 5-10 meters school bus for a new layout, the development of a series of new products in line with the market, but also appear customers are buying huaxin school bus trend, leading to the supply of huaxin school bus products.

Co-sponsored by the school bus, flat to the floor structure, vehicle simulation analysis and calculation, jianghuai, dongfeng chassis matching mature chassis, safe and reliable, and the vehicle frame adopts closed loop structure design, 3 d bend cold bending forming, stamping, outside the safe and reliable, the electrophoresis process, ensure the vehicle frame 10 years does not rust, perfect the school bus signal and the marking system, 360 ° driver's field of vision, multiple security protection, get the favour of the masses of users.
● operating bus

After nearly two years of r & d trial production, 17 years launched the new product HM6605LFD5/HM6733LFD5 series road coach, in the ministry of industry and information technology announcement, the ministry of communications fuel consumption announcement, grade catalogue after the recent listing, new and old customers are bullish, the current order gratifying! The first order of one customer in zhejiang alone was 80 sets.

Since the Spring Festival, this model and school bus has become a new leading brand of chenghua, the vehicle design fully considered the performance advantages of the product, the appearance of solemn and warm, low-key and delicate do not show. Outside the vehicle simulation analysis and calculation, punch forming, skeleton three-dimensional cold bending forming, the vehicle electrophoresis, exquisite interiors and etc all incisively and vividly embodies the product composed of traits, carry, yuchai, d wood such as domestic mature assembly with multiple leaf, five gear box, such as core parts, power, lower fuel consumption, lower operating costs, is an excellent quality, suitable for urban and rural passenger travel market running tool.
● city bus

In recent years, urban and rural passenger car models should be upgraded to meet the needs of passenger service and take into account the actual operating conditions. In such a way of thinking, cost-effective superior version "burning" HM6600CFD / 6660 CFD / 6735 CFD launched many high-quality goods such as cars, news fast filling and occupy the market, sales is considerable.
● export passenger car

It is understood that huaxin has exported buses from more than ten countries in the countries along the "One Belt And One Road". Bus batch exported to Latin America, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Africa and other more than 20 countries and regions in the world, at present, Peru, Chile, Algeria, Mongolia, the United States has formed a fixed customer base, huaxin koster, huaxin international reputation is very good!
Great situation in the first half of the passenger car market downturn, huaxin bus has been saturated production, domestic and foreign orders, presents the situation of high growth, investigate its reason, is because, huaxin bus through continuous research and development, the temper process, quality assurance, complete products, services in place, has the core competitiveness, product formed huaxin bus companies inside information, get the trust of users.

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