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30 huaxin brand school buses were delivered in batches to hubei

Wuxi Huace Automobile Co., Ltd.  2017-03-27 13:47:33 Author:SystemMaster

Recently, wuxi huace automobile co., ltd. has won a number of domestic and foreign batch orders, the first batch of huaxin brand 30 HM6690XFD5JS school bus, batch delivery of guangzhou deyao school bus group.
The school bus unified by the professional company operation, the implementation of corporate, professional operation, has formed a perfect mechanism. At the delivery ceremony on March 20, 2017, ma zong, marketing director of guangzhou deyao school bus group, took the golden key from general manager jiang of huace company. These cars will serve primary school students in hubei province.
Guangzhou deyao school bus group as a national influential school bus operating company, the demand for vehicles is also growing, and in the selection of cars also has its own standards. Huaxin brand school bus can compete among many brands and win the favor of operating companies, which is the result of huacai company's active research and development over the years and profound accumulation.

HM6690XFD5JS school bus purchased by the company this time is a new model of state five launched by huace company in 2016, equipped with school bus version operation system.This helps a lot in school bus safety operation, especially in driver management and maintenance, which plays a good role in improving management.In addition, huaxin brand safety school bus adopts bird-cage frame, front and rear circumference of stamping parts, and "big long head" design in front of the engine. At the same time, huaxin brand safety school bus adopts techniques such as mixed pressure, cold expansion, side mask and complete vehicle electrophoresis, which can well protect the safety of students in the bus.
On the appearance of the school bus, the body is sprayed with eye-catching yellow, and equipped with reflective strip, parking signs and other facilities, on the road each school bus also equipped with professional care personnel, to take the school bus students throughout the intimate care of the service.At the same time, each car is equipped with a small medicine box and other common tools to ensure the comfort and safety of children in the car.The seats of huaxin school bus are all designed with soft handrails to prevent students from bumping while walking in the car. The interior is also made of brand new materials. The blue fabric is matched with cartoon patterns, which is eye-catching and warm.
Wuxi co-sponsored by automobile co., LTD. Through years of efforts, increasing investment in research and development, aspects of the design, material selection, manufacturing process condensed the efforts for many years, the whole process in a professional and rigorous attitude, carefully select material, supplemented by exquisite workmanship, all show originality spirit, fully meet the guangzhou DE yaojiang school bus group to the requirement of your car.
Craftsmanship manufacturing, huaxin brand has become the first choice of customer trust!

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