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Wuxi huace automobile industry: to ensure that "good start" enterprises work overtime to catch up with orders

Wuxi Huace Automobile Co., Ltd.  2017-02-13 13:44:58 Author:SystemMaster
On February 12, Sunday, wuxi huace automobile co., LTD. Welding, assembly and other workshops, staff are busy working.

At the beginning of the New Year, wuxi huace automobile co., ltd. ushered in a good start. Although years ago prepared more than 100 ready school bus as New Year sales, but 17 years of huaxin school bus orders surging, dealers, direct sales personnel rob the spectacular scene.

Huace company has been producing school buses for many years. Its school buses for primary school students/children are safe, reliable and cost-effective. The products are all over the country and have been favored by the majority of users. In 2016, the company products from 5 ~ 10 meters of the bus to the new layout, developed a series of new products on the market, flat floor structure of vehicle simulation analysis and calculation, jianghuai, dongfeng chassis matching mature chassis, safe and reliable, and the vehicle frame adopts closed loop structure design, 3 d bend cold bending forming, stamping, outside the safe and reliable, the electrophoresis process, ensure the vehicle frame 10 years does not rust, perfect the school bus signal and the marking system, 360 ° driver's field of vision, multiple security protection, meet different market needs, enjoy good reputation in the market. There is a trend of customers choosing huaxin school bus, which leads to the situation that huaxin school bus products are in short supply.
● 5m 3 series school bus for children
◆ overall dimension (length × width × height) : 5305× 1780,1820 ×2500
◆ rated passenger (including driver) (person) : 10 ~ 19

HM6530XFD5X/JN series nursery school bus
●5 m 7/6 m 9 series school bus
◆ 5m 7 series dimensions (length × width × height) : 5730×2020 × 2060×2685,2725,2890
◆ rated passenger (including driver) (person) of 5m 7 series; 10 to 19
◆6 m 9 series dimensions (length × width × height) : 6935×2020 × 2060×2720,2760,2900
◆ 6m 9-series rated passenger (including driver) (person) : primary school school bus 24 ~ 28, infant school bus 24 ~ 31

HM6570XFD5X/JN/S/HM6680XFD5X/JN/S series school bus
●7 m /7 m / 6 m /9 m 4 series school bus
◆ 7-meter series dimensions (length × width × height) : 7020×2300×2820,2920
◆ rated capacity of 7-meter series for passengers (including drivers) (persons); School bus 30 ~ 37, school bus 30 ~ 38
◆7 m 6 series dimensions (length × width × height) : 7560×2300×2810 2845, 2920
◆7 m 6 series rated passenger (including driver) (person); School bus 33 ~ 41, school bus 33 ~ 42
◆9 m 4 series dimensions (length × width × height) : 9445*2300*2920,3050
◆ 9m 4 series rated passenger (including driver) (person); School bus 46-56

HM6700XFD5X/JN/S/HM6760XFD5J/XN/S series school bus

HM6940XFD5XS series school bus for primary school students
According to the data analysis of commercial vehicle (passenger car) manufacturers submitted by China association of automobile manufacturers, the sales of passenger cars (except for the new energy department) in 2016, the sales of traditional passenger cars show a certain trend of decline. In 2017, huace automobile co., LTD., with the abundance of models, scale strength rapidly enhanced, the scope of business continues to expand, the company is expected to sprint higher production target, will present in 2017 galloping horse sales bucking the trend of rising!
Just after the Spring Festival holiday, wuxi huace automobile co., ltd. held a grand new product promotion meeting and marketing work conference in 2017. Meanwhile, all production workshops were working overtime to catch up with orders to ensure a "good start".

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