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Stay true to your original intention and forge ahead # wuxi huace annual summary and award in 2018 and annual meeting in 2019 was successfully held

Wuxi Huace Automobile Co., Ltd.  2019-08-30 14:29:50 Author:SystemMaster
January 27, 2019, "stay true to your original intention and forge ahead!" # wuxi huace automobile co., LTD. Annual summary of 2018 and annual meeting of 2019 were successfully concluded in wuxi hongli imperial hotel. Mr. Zheng huali, chairman of the group, Mr. Jiang zujun, general manager of the group, all the management of the group, the sales team and the award-winning elite attended the event.

Yeeli hua zheng, chairman of Mr Work summary and indication in the company, the company in 2018, the department conducted highly affirmation, is also highly summarizes the work window of the company in 2018, 2018, co-sponsored by coagulation heart together, in the brand innovation, quality improvement, process improvement, improve efficiency has a qualitative improvement in many aspects, in the environment of the global auto industry recession, China can ce company, successfully completed the goal, to his credit, excellent performance and outstanding contributions to the work of the elite. At the same time, the company's 2019 strategic positioning, product positioning, business indicators and other aspects of the specific deployment, especially stressed the development of the development of new high-end tourism bus, special vehicle, school bus new production technology and market development, for the realization of the set goals in 2019 guidance.

Wuxi co-sponsored by automobile co., LTD., is the national ministry of industry and information technology in the announcement on automobile products production enterprises, with large and medium-sized passenger cars, large and medium-sized bus, light buses, special automobile production qualification of automobile enterprise, its production of passenger cars, and other products dedicated school bus market covering all provinces large and medium-sized cities, are exported to the states, Asia, Latin America more than 20 countries, such as the vehicle of research and development in recent years has broaden the market.

On the same day, the heads of all departments of the company signed a 2019 responsibility letter with zheng dong on product development, school bus, special vehicle, bus, new energy vehicle sales and other indicators. Everyone vowed to go all out to reach the target! The momentum of weiyi is enough to inspire wuxi huace's passion and motivation, and confidence in the 2019 target!

That night, the company held a grand annual dinner, everyone enthusiastic, while singing and dancing, wine talk...... Finally in the blessing of a perfect ending. I wish wuxi huace automobile co., LTD. And all employees the best of luck in the New Year, all your wishes come true, and you will meet a better yourself.

The end of the year ceremony has come to a successful end. We are on the road of fighting hard, not thinking of the past, not afraid of the future, everyone is facing difficulties courageously, full of passion, high morale, looking forward to a better next year.

In 2019, we will stay true to our original intention and forge ahead.

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