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Huaxin school bus safety system upgrade, leading the school bus industry new benchmark

Wuxi Huace Automobile Co., Ltd.  2017-08-04 14:13:11 Author:SystemMaster
Wuxi huace automobile co., LTD has been working on school bus for many years. Since 2010, China's first school bus specialized compulsory national standards "special pupil school bus safety technical conditions" formally, huaxin card kowtow outside the school bus with its unique modelling, the structure of the security, the reliable quality, leading technology, sound pretty domestic bus market, especially since this year in the school bus safety system comprehensive upgrade, the market share is rising steadily.

In 2012, faw bus found wuxi huace, and the two sides jointly developed 6,750 special school buses, which were recognized by the market once launched. This series of school bus with its reliable safety performance, several years of national flood rescue designated vehicles.

Since 2015, wuxi huace has intensified the research and development of school buses and launched a new school bus with a full series of products covering 5 meters to 9 meters and 19 seats to 56 seats, which can meet the needs of students from infants to primary and middle school students. In 2017, the orders for the new school bus were surging, and dealers and direct sellers grabbed cars.

These achievements made by huaxin bus are not the ultimate goal of wuxi huacai company. According to the plan of chairman zheng huacai's school bus products, improving the safety system of huaxin bus and creating safe operation of Chinese school bus are his ultimate goal and social responsibility.
In order to design and produce safer special school bus products, huaxin school bus has put the reliability and safety of school bus in the first place from structural design verification, parts selection and application, production process improvement to vehicle off-line detection and intelligent driving system application. Huaxin school bus is also equipped with more intelligent upgraded version of the safety protection system, such as the provision of vehicle monitoring, vehicle patrol, student statistics, students dynamic query and other functions. In recent years, many provinces held school bus safety defense ability and escape skills contest, are designated huaxin bus for the race special school bus.

The school bus unified by the professional company operation, the implementation of corporate, professional operation, has formed a perfect mechanism. At present, from the perspective of school bus safety system, the company has cooperated with guangzhou deyao and other operating companies to guarantee the safety of school bus operation technically. Such as students get on and off the car lost, overload module; Driver drunk driving brake and alarm module; Fatigue driving detection module, etc. In March 2017, batch school buses were delivered to guangzhou deyao school bus group and put into operation.

The fact proves, rely on policy encouragement only, the development of Chinese school bus industry seems somewhat passive. Through the cooperation between the school bus enterprise and the professional school bus operation company, the school bus operation experience is accumulated and the market-oriented operation gradually becomes the mainstream of the school bus development in China in the future. Wuxi huace automobile co., LTD. School bus section of the whole process to promote the benign operation of China's school bus development, has played a role in the industry benchmark!

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