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Huaxin bus is the first to strive for excellence, fighting against extreme heat protection orders

Wuxi Huace Automobile Co., Ltd.  2017-08-01 16:42:00 Author:SystemMaster
a few days ago, wuxi huace automobile co., ltd. received henan batch 64 orders, plus the arrival of the school bus season, batch orders, July is hot summer, huace automobile company employees take the initiative to give up the summer holidays, the whole company to the full of enthusiasm, set off the battle high temperature, order, to grab the market momentum.

The welder is armed to the teeth
After the increase of orders, in order to ensure the smooth operation of employees in high temperature, the management office of the company sent mung bean soup and other cooling drinks for front-line production employees Product, avoid staff heat stroke phenomenon, try to create a good working environment for staff.

General assembly two lines in an orderly manner Wuxi co-sponsored by automobile co., LTD. Huaxin buses can occupy a place in the national market, in addition to huaxin passenger cars, buses, etc. Series of products in quality, cost-effective to meet customer demand, on the date of delivery, product, service, all for the sake of customers, in recent years, co-sponsored by bus integrity first, signed orders pick up the car never affect the customer and the registration matters, good reputation has radiation throughout the country.

Product commissioning meticulous
Huaze people continue to make great efforts to shape the image of huaxin bus, improve the production process, produce high-quality buses with high quality and high efficiency to satisfy customers, and lay a solid foundation for the accelerated development of huaxin bus.

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