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★Electrophoresis is economical and practical 
Complete vehicle electrophoresis technology, durable, bearing capacity is more prominent
★Advocate safety technology first 
Configuration specialized mature chassis, increase passive security, to meet different market needs.
★Platform design to feel comfortable 
According to the scientific design of ergonomics, the whole bus uses the steel molding parts, creating a comfortable travelling experience throughout the new feeling.

Model HM6663CFD5J
Chassismodel HFC6570KY3V
Model YC4FA115-50,D25TCIE3,YC4FA130-50
Max.Output(kw/(r/min)) 85/3200,92/3200,95/3200
Max.Torque(N.m/(r/min)) 300/1600~2400,325/1400~2700,340/1600~2400
Fueltype Diesel
Emissionstandard GB3847-2005,GB17691-2005 EuroⅤ
Dimension(mm) 6605×2265×2790,2950
Tread Front & Rear (mm) 1830/1600
Wheelbase(mm) 3650
Overhand Front & Rear (mm) 1020/1935
CurbWeight(kg) 4080,4200
GrossWeight(kg) 6500
Seats(With the driver)( person) 35/11-23,35/11-25
Max.Speed(km/h) 69
Tire 7.00-16LT,7.00R16LT
Leafspring Front & Rear 3/4,11/10
Approaching/departureAngle(o) 20/15

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