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★Electrophoresis is economical and practical
Bearing capacity is more prominent, the vehicle durable, let your business long run long profit
★Advocate safety technology first
Special chassis, increase the car owner, passive safety, to meet different levels of user needs, the whole car steel molding parts molding, half head structure, safety performance comparable to school bus, molding softening interior, knot safety, energy saving, environmental protection, comfort is equal to one.
★Elegant appearance, intelligent and safe
Rigid and soft body structure, stamping forming, leading the industry trend, modeling fashion, dynamic.

Model HM6662CFD5X
Chassismodel EQ6570K5AC
Model YC4FA115-50,WP3.7Q113E50
Max.Output(kw/(r/min)) 85/3200,83/2900
Max.Torque(N.m/(r/min)) 300/1600~2400,320/1400-1800
Fueltype Diesel
Emissionstandard GB3847-2005,GB17691-2005 EuroⅤ
Dimension(mm) 6590×2265×2820,3010
Tread Front & Rear (mm) 1750/1586
Wheelbase(mm) 3650
Overhand Front & Rear (mm) 745/2195
CurbWeight(kg) 4150,4310
GrossWeight(kg) 6600
Seats(With the driver)(person) 35/14-23,35/16-26
Max.Speed(km/h) 69
Tire 7.00-16LT,7.00R16LT
Leafspring Front & Rear 9/11
Approaching/departureAngle(o) 29/13

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